The 17th Gaziel Award for Biography and Memoirs: Contest rules and call for submissions



The Fundación Conde de Barcelona together with RBA Libros announce the XVII Premio Gaziel de Biografías y Memorias.

Contest rules:

  1. The work submitted may be of any length and originally written in any language, but it must be presented in Spanish, Catalan, or English. Entrants guarantee that their work a) is wholly original and of their own creation, b) has never before been published in Spanish or Catalan, and c) has never before won a prize nor has been entered for any other ongoing prize or contest that has not yet concluded.
  2. The work presented must bear the author’s name, address, and phone number and may also be submitted under a pseudonym.
  3. The category of biographies and memoirs does include diaries, epistolary works, and historical works that represent the personal or collective testimony of the era the work references.
  4. The award is a prize of 10,000 euros from the publisher as an advanced payment for the copyright to publish the work in the form of a book in any format, especially hardcover, paperback, pocket edition, audiobook, and e-book. The prize money will be conferred according to the payment terms agreed to in the ensuing publishing contract. The winning author will enter into a publishing contract as well as a representation agreement for the sale of subsidiary rights and translations, as established by RBA Libros. The transfer of rights outlined in this paragraph grants exclusive permission to publish in every and any country in both Spanish and Catalan.
  5. Eligible works can be submitted by sending the text in a digital format via email to, along with the author’s first and last name(s), address, and a contact phone number. The first page of the original work should state the words “XVII Premio Gaziel”. All entries must be received by the deadline, 29 June 2018.
  6. The decision will be declared by 1 September 2018. The winning original work will be published by RBA Libros in Catalan and/or in Spanish.
  7. The contest will conclude when the prize is awarded and will not be declared void.
  8. In addition to selecting a contest winner, the judges will be able to recommend other entries for publication, at their discretion. The publisher will then have the option to choose, of this pool of contest winner plus recommended entries, which work they will go on to publish, even if this work was not the contest winner.
  9. Submissions will not be returned to their authors under any circumstances. At the time of submission, entrants renounce any rights to these works after the fact. Once the decision has been declared, the works that are not awarded the prize will be subsequently destroyed in their entireties via methods established in the relevant regulations.
  10. To be awarded the prize is to accept these terms wholly and unconditionally. In the event of any concerns, disagreements, or objections regarding said terms, both parties agree to bring the conflict before the Barcelona Arbitration Court (Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona) and defer to the arbitrator’s decision.
  11. Neither RBA Libros nor the Fundación Conde de Barcelona will be in direct contact with the entrants nor will they provide any information regarding how the works are judged, at any time before or after the prize has been awarded.