RBA Group


Independent Character and International Scope

An independent communications group, multichannel and 100% Spanish-owned. These features define RBA, a leader in the publishing sector producing magazines, collectible series and books that since its foundation in 1991 has excelled in a capacity for innovation and expansion.

  • We are a big team comprised of more than 1,500 individuals dedicated to creating high-quality products for a demanding and rapidly evolving market
  • We are global in scope: our products are sold in more than 50 countries on five continents
  • Our range of products is constantly growing, we are a reference point in information, education and entertainment aimed at all publics
  • We have a fundamental objective: to make a positive contribution to the lives of millions of readers through products created for and by them. Our primary focus is our readership

Corporate values

We defend our independence as a company. The uncompromising position of RBA Group enables us to act in accordance with our values. Our products are designed with clear goals in mind: success on the market, freedom of choice, and, importantly, that the best decisions are made every step of the way

Quality is key. We place emphasis on the supreme quality of our products. This is vital to appeal to the demands of our public and to compete in an industry that is in constant flux. Without the highest of standards in this respect, we could not maintain our position as a leader in the sector

We are driven by creativity. Creativity implies character and originality. At RBA Group we are open to exploring new paths and developing innovative ideas that impulse our business and draw in new audiences

We are in constant contact with our readership. A close relationship with our audience means being aware of their opinions, requirements and expectations, and to adjust our products in accordance with them. Continual market research enables RBA to meet the satisfaction of our readers with the greatest success possible.