Barcelona: RBA 22@, Unique Offices in Dynamic Surroundings

When challenged to create the ideal workspace, one point of agreement was the need for abundant natural light and space. The architects that designed our head offices reflect this requirement; glass panelling surrounds the exterior of the building and there are ample open areas on each floor of its interior.

The RBA 22@ building was designed to create a productive work environment that prioritized harmony and comfort. Natural light bathes the spacious office space with its prominence of serene white surfaces. Workspaces are in practical groups of four, an arrangement repeated on each floor.

The new building also features spectacular views, a wide panorama of Barcelona that stretches to the Mediterranean Sea, and a closer appreciation of the surrounding area and its prominence of singular buildings.

Objective: the World


Reaching every person, in every home, in every city… at RBA we aspire to capture the widest global readership possible. To meet this challenge we have opened up our content catalogue to the majority of distribution channels, fomenting our expansion with new companies and funds that share our philosophy.

Evolution demands flexibility and our organization chart is constantly changing, each division works independently with the full support of the strategic management of the Holding company. The result has been extraordinary growth that has propelled us into a leading position in the sector. Our goal is to expand yet further into the wider world, to reach every individual, to reach you.

Global offices

Avda. Diagonal, 189C/ Agustín de Foxá, 29. 9º
08018 Barcelona28036 Madrid
+34 93 415 73 74+34 91 510 66 00
R. Filipe Floque, 40Via Gustavo Fara 35
1069-124 Lisboa20124 Milano
+351 213 164200+39 02 0069 6352
Torre Al RíoAv. Patriotismo 229, piso 8
Av. del Libertador 101, piso 10Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, 03800
Buenos AiresMéxico D.F.
+54 11 5192 5530+52 55 2881 0361