The Definitive Book on Tickets



The evolution of Tickets, as told by Albert Adri

Strawberry tree with elderflower and kimchi, Caviar of Kalix styrofoam, prawns in frozen salt marinade, saffron sponge with bread soup, cannibal chicken with cassava bone, several oyster dishes… These are just a taste of the nearly 100 dishes this book unravels for the reader.

Tickets evolution, recently published by RBA, tells the story of how chef Albert Adrià’s one-Michelin-starred restaurant became a benchmark for the restaurant industry, at both Barcelona and international levels.

Over the last 7 years, Tickets has managed to make a name for itself in the avant-garde restaurant scene without losing sight of its casual vibe and characteristic playfulness. An indispensable ingredient in the kitchen, this playfulness has defined the restaurant since its inception in 2011 by Adrià and the Iglesias brothers. Tickets has since evolved from being a “Bulli for the barrio”, in the words of the chef, and turned into a project with a unique personality that continues to draw admiration the world over.