Our First Launches of the Year



Atlas del Cosmos, from National Geographic

We’re kicking off 2018 with a special new release: the collection Atlas del Cosmos, from National Geographic (In Spanish).

This unique collection gives readers a fresh perspective on the awe-inspiring cosmos. You’ll journey through space until you reach the confines of the universe, led by expert authors and NASA’s best images. The solar system, the Milky Way, Mars, and other wonders await!

In addition, Minerales (In Spanish) is coming back. Thanks to one of the most successful children’s collections, kids can discover the Earth’s most fascinating minerals while learning all about them.

Lastly, for adults and minds that want to dive deeper, we have two more collections: Grandes Pensadores (In Spanish), on the works that have changed the way we see the world, and Grandes Ideas de la Ciencia (In Spanish), which gives us greater insight into the life and ideas of the greatest scientists of all time.