RBA Foundation

RBA Foundation

A PASSION FOR LEARNING, A PASSION FOR SHARING. The Fundació RBA, under President Ricardo Rodrigo Amar, opened its doors in 2011 with the goal of strengthening the actions that embody what Grupo RBA values: promoting ideas, fostering dialogue, and disseminating culture in its forms.

As a player in the field of journal and communications, a publishing company cannot thrive without a strong sense of their cultural surroundings. It’s not just how we communicate, but what.

The Fundació RBA was created in 2011 by Grupo RBA, which has been publishing books, magazines, and collectibles for 25 years under President Ricardo Rodrigo.

The Fundació carries out our role in society, which is to spread ideas, foster dialogue, and promote culture in the widest sense of the word. To quote Ricardo Rodrigo, the Fundació RBA wants to be the window to the world that surrounds you, a space where our potential future authors and readers can feel free to discuss the topics that most concern, or inspire, our society.

The debates, conversations, and round tables organized by the Fundació RBA in these last few years have involved over 200 public figures, both national and international, and a collective audience of over 30,000 people.

We’ve had discussions about the future of Europe with Martin Schulz, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Felipe González, and Romano Prodi, among others. Thomas Piketty and Nobel Prize-winner Edmund Phelps have shed some light for us on the greatest economic challenges the world is facing. We’ve listened to journalism’s most prestigious and committed voices, like Iñaki Gabilondo, Joaquin Estefanía, Enric Juliana, and Jordi Évole. People like Jane Goodall, Alexandra Cousteau, and Michael Nichols as well as institutions like the National Geographic Society have shared with us their selfless commitment to the environment. We’ve celebrated the creative approach to our regional cuisine taken by Ferran Adrià, the Roca brothers, Juan Mari Arzak and the Torres brothers approach our regional cuisine. And we’ve admired musical geniuses like Plácido Domingo and Barbara Hendricks.

Thanks to all of them, the Fundació RBA has turned into a stage for debate and discussion that is open and inclusive, where we support the free exchange of ideas and enthusiastic dissemination of culture.